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How to Prepare for Your First Live Gig || Dotted Music

hen you’re a musician starting out, you have several milestones to look forward to. Jamming with new bandmates for the first time, coming up with a great name for your band, playing to friends in the garage, and using a recording studio for the first time are all things we can tick off our personal achievement lists.
While these are all big things to any musician, playing our first live gig is arguably the biggest step we will make. While YouTube and social media means we have a bigger audience for our talents than ever before, only a handful of musicians that market themselves through these channels will crack the industry. For the rest of us, we will start to build our following through playing the local pubs and clubs and generating a loyal following in our own towns and cities first.
Whether your first live gig is ‘headlining’ at your local pub or trying your hand at an open mic night at the rock club in town, preparation is everything. What do you need to do to prepare well ?

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